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Living in a clean environment will impact positively on your health and well-being...

... which in turn will help to improve your Quality of life at home and give you peace of mind. You will be able to instruct your allocated Domestic Assistant to do specific jobs each week or cleaning to your discretion.

OCSS is able to offer general cleaning arranged on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis depending on your requirements. This can include vacuuming, dusting, cleaning floors, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, cleaning INSIDE of windows, inside of fridges and microwaves etc.

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Here at OCSS we appreciate the vital role of carers...

... so are able to offer support for those you care for.


Following a risk assessment we are able to sit with your loved one to enable you to engage in activities outside the home knowing that your loved one is being well supported.

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We appreciate how difficult it is at times to get to appointments etc.,independently... 

... so we are willing to arrange for one of our carers, to accompany you to a doctor, hospital or any other appointment. This can be a local appointment or an out of area appointment (if practically possible and with notice).

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We can arrange for one of our carers to accompany you to go for a walk...

...or to simply support you to continue your weekly routines.

This is a part of our ethos of supporting people to live as fuller life as possible within their community.



Meet old friends and make new ones in a safe environment...

...or simply enjoy the company of others.


We serve hot meals and offer time and space to engage in activities such as crafts, dominoes and bingo. We often invite guest speakers and plan day trips with support from attendees/volunteers.   

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This service can be provided in your home or laundered off site...

...dependant on your preference or the suitability of your surroundings.

Laundry involves washing, ironing and also changing bed linen, a task that can be extremely difficult for some people.

Laughing Over Lunch


This type of support can be very reassuring to you and your relatives...

...enabling your carer, relative to relax in the knowledge that somebody is calling in to check all is well and also alleviate any loneliness that you may experience.


Sometimes you may just require some occasional company, somebody to call in, check you are OK, play cards, or make a cup of tea and chat. Perhaps read your mail, a favourite book, or the paper to you.

Grocery Shopping


A crucial service for those who need support in collecting groceries...

... If you are unable to do your shopping then we can make this possible by arranging for a carer to call in, pick up your shopping list and go and collect your shopping on your behalf.

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Enjoy a satisfying delicious meal, every day, hassle free...

...from our trusted meal delivery service.

If you are unable to prepare a meal for yourself or your loved ones, why not try our range of Caribbean or English meals delivered to your door hot or cold.

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